The Crane That's Right for You

Posted on: 14 February 2020


The going rate for commercial crane hire has never been more affordable. In today's construction industry, there are multiple equipment rental companies to choose from, which makes it necessary for each company to make their services more affordable.

Apart from asking how much it costs to rent the crane for the desired time span, there are a few other things you could ask to create a clearer impression of the type of rental agency you are considering for the job. The discussion below suggests a few other things.

Crane Service/Maintenance Logs

Hiring a crane for a long-term construction project is not a small investment. Therefore, you should not be shy about asking the difficult questions. You want to ensure that you're getting a rental crane that is in good working condition in order to guarantee the safety of all who will be working around the crane and within the larger construction site.

Committing to regular service and maintenance for commercial cranes is the only way to keep them in good working condition. Ask your chosen equipment rental company whether you could have a look at their crane maintenance records or service logs.

In the ideal situation, this should not be a problem because crane servicing and maintenance includes the documentation of detailed procedures undertaken as part of the maintenance exercise.

Crane rental companies need such documentation in order to justify the recurring cost of equipment maintenance.

Crane Accessories and Attachments

There are different types of accessories that you will need in order to allow for the functional operation of a rental crane. Examples of these accessories include hooks, shelves and beams.

As you find out the cost of renting out a crane, ask about the availability of any crane accessories that you might need. As a client, your greatest worry should be whether you'll be required to hire the additional attachments and crane accessories on their own or whether the cost of crane hire includes that of accessories too.

Construction Delays

Lastly, find out what would happen if your construction project takes longer than you had earlier anticipated. Sometimes this is happens because of the delayed arrival of construction materials. Construction delays could also occur as a result of bad weather conditions.

Ask about additional charges that could be levied so that you go into the crane rental exercise fully prepared. This way, you're well prepared for the task at hand. Contact a company that offers crane trucks for hire to learn more.