Interior Storage Tips for Newbie Semi-Trailer Drivers

Posted on: 18 February 2020


When you are in a heavy-duty driver training school, you learn a lot about how to operate semi-trailers safely. However, there is very little information on how to organise storage in semi-trucks properly. This is especially surprising because semi-trailer drivers bring a lot of stuff they will need while on the road. However, the poor organisation makes it challenging to fit most items in the truck's available space. This article highlights creative semi-trailer organisational tips for beginning truck drivers. 

Driver Overhead

The driver overhead is arguably the most critical interior storage space for any truck drivers. As a rule of thumb, you don't just store anything in the driver overhead because it is meant for quick grabs. Unfortunately, most trailer drivers do not follow this, and they end up storing their slip-on and other stuff that they do not need immediately. To make good use of the overhead storage, only store quick grabs such as napkins, maps, snacks, other truckers' phone numbers and safety glasses, among others. Ideally, the driver's overhead storage unit is meant for stuff you need to reach for with ease without having to take your eyes off the road. 

Side Cabinets

There are two cabinets in any semi-trailer: the driver's and the passenger's cabinet. As the name suggests, the driver's side cabinet is nearest to the driver; therefore, it should only contain your belongings. However, these belongings should not be anything you need in an emergency while driving. The stuff you store in this cabinet should only be retrieved if you are driving very slowly or when parked. Belongings commonly stored in the driver's side cabinet can include jackets, thermometer and other administrative supplies such as printing papers. On the passenger's side cabinet, you can store trash bags, cleaning supplies, DVD players and discs and other stuff that the person on the passenger seat might need. Most importantly, ensure that you secure items in these cabinets with a cord. 

Under-Seat Storage

Most semi-trailers do not have storage space under the driver's seat because the space is designed with the driver's comfort in mind. Notably, the space includes the seat's hydraulic system. Things are different under the passenger's seat. As the only under-seat storage unit in a semi-trailer cabin, you should use the space properly. This is where you store essential utilities — yours and the truck's — and can include boots, window screens, torches, several tapes and an aluminium foil cover. It is important to store the same items under the passenger's storage space because changing and storing them elsewhere can make retrieval very difficult when you need an item urgently.