Top Tips When Hiring Scaffolding

Posted on: 19 February 2020


Scaffolds are temporary structures that support people working at elevated places. Unlike ladders, scaffolds offer increased stability and a working platform. The excerpt below discusses the various considerations to make when hiring scaffolds.

Work With Reputable Companies

Conduct some internet research or seek referrals to determine the reputation of various scaffolding hire companies in your area. Some of your concerns should include the following: 

  • The company should have a valid operating licence, and it must have sufficient experience in scaffolding hire services.
  • The equipment provided should have scaffolding liability insurance.
  • Inquire about the services offered and whether they will transport and set up the scaffold at your site.
  • The company should have a responsive customer care department.

Scaffold Inspection

The scope of works will determine the type of scaffold you should hire. For instance, single and double scaffolds are ideal for masonry works. Suspended scaffolds are often used for small scale works such as painting and minor repairs on the upper floors. Trestle scaffolds are mobile platforms used in indoor locations. Cantilever scaffolds are a suitable choice if the ground cannot support the scaffold. 

Inquire about the scaffold's weight limits. It is a vital consideration if you will have many people working on the platform. The scaffold's footings should be level, damage-free and firm enough to support the structure. Inspect the poles and frames for signs of bends, cracks and rust. The ropes and chains used on suspended scaffolds must be in excellent condition.

Terms of Hire

Read the hire contract to understand the scaffolding hire company's terms of hire. The company should provide on-site scaffold repair and maintenance services. Are you allowed to move the scaffold? It is a vital consideration if you have more than one site. If you need the scaffold for an extended period, work with a company that has a rent-to-buy option.

The company's pricing should be within industry rates. You may incur extra charges such as repair, maintenance and transport. How and when should you make payments? Most companies will ask you to pay a deposit. They will then send weekly or monthly invoices. 

Scaffold Installation and Safety

Scaffolds should be set up by skilled and qualified personnel. The equipment should be placed on a firm and level surface. Otherwise, it could topple. The working platforms should be clean at all times. It prevents accidents caused by slips. Employees working on the platform should have personal protective clothing and fall protection systems. 

A scaffold will make it easy for you to work at heights. When hiring a scaffold, work with a reputable company, inspect the scaffold, examine the terms of hire and observe the recommended safety tips.