Have you thought about adding a hoist to your construction project?

Posted on: 21 February 2020


If you manage a building site then you know that your initial construction will start with the building foundations. From the foundations, your workers will start to build upwards. That works well as long as you are working at a height that your team can easily reach, but it won't be long before you will need to find an easy way of transporting workers and materials to a higher level. As the height of your building grows, it will become increasingly impractical for workers to safely carry materials up scaffolding or ladders, and you will need to find another way to get your workers and their tools where they need to be. This can be a particular problem when you are working on skyscrapers or other tall buildings. One of the most widely used solutions to this problem is the adoption of construction man hoists.

What are construction man hoists?

Construction hoists are a reliable method of transporting both workers and materials up to the needed height safely and quickly. Construction man hoists often boast a hoist cage to ensure that nothing can be lost from the hoist while it is moving. The hoist will be raised and lowered by means of a chain or rope passed over a drum or wheel. Hoists are typically operated either pneumatically or electrically, although small hoists can be operated by hand.

Here are two other reasons to consider using construction man hoists on your next building project.

Increase construction speed

If you are forced to wait for your team to climb to the desired height before they can start work, that will slow your construction speed considerably. Every time they need to take a break or collect a new tool or more materials, they will need to climb all the way to ground level and back up again. By contrast, if you employ a hoist, you can easily move workers and equipment up and down as needed, which means less time will be spent climbing and more time will be spent on getting the job done and ensuring your project is completed on schedule.

Move heavy materials with ease

How much can one worker carry while climbing to height? Normally the answer is "not very much," and when those materials are heavy then the answer is "even less." By using a hoist, you can ensure that sufficient quantities of materials and heavy tooling reach the right point of your construction at the same speed as the workers. You stop any unnecessary delays waiting for materials to reach the workers and help to keep your project running smoothly.

To learn more about construction man hoists, consult a resource in your area.