How To Examine A Crane Hire Contract

Posted on: 24 February 2020


One of your primary concerns when hiring a crane should be the company's terms of hire. As such, you must read the contract to understand how the company expects you to use the crane. Below are a few tips to help you examine the hire contract when renting a crane. 

Operation and Usage

Typically, clients are advised to observe safe working conditions at the site. For example, the crane should not be used in windy and rainy conditions. Other concerns should include the following:

  • Check if the company will provide transport and installation services.
  • Does the company allow you to use the crane in more than one location?
  • Who will operate the crane?
  • You may be prohibited from extending the crane's boom beyond a specific length, and the contract will also indicate the recommended weight limits. 

Repair and Maintenance

The crane may develop problems such as bent hooks, a damaged clutch, dry ropes, worn-out pads and broken chains. The hydraulic system may develop cavitation problems. Preferably, work with a company that provides repair and maintenance services. Check the liabilities. For instance, you may have to pay for repairs caused by an operator's negligence or failure to observe the recommended terms of use. However, the company should pay for repairs caused by normal wear and tear. Some crane hire companies will provide another crane if the one hired is no longer functional. 


You must understand the company's pricing strategy. Evaluate the following: 

  • When should you make payments?
  • Do you qualify for discounts, such as for hiring the crane long-term?
  • Check if the company charges for idle time when the crane is not in use.
  • Find out if there are extra charges; for example, some companies charge more during weekends.
  • If the company provides operators and riggers, find out if you will pay them or if their pay is included in the hire rate for the crane. 


The contract should indicate how long you intend to hire the crane. Besides, it should state the terms of extending the hire period. In most cases, you will be required to write to the company if you would want to continue using the crane. If the company wishes to cancel the contract, they must give you a few days' notice. 

It would be unfortunate if you hired a crane without reading the hire contract. Remember, you can negotiate the terms of hire to suit your needs. Contact a company that offers crane hire services to learn more.