Do You Understand the Importance of Crane Rigging?

Posted on: 4 March 2020


With almost any building project, you are likely to need a crane at some stage of the construction. While your team are working on the foundations of the building, you may be able to simply lift materials into position. As the building rises higher, you will need help to manoeuvre your materials to the appropriate levels.

Why use a crane?

Without a crane, your workers will be forced to try and carry heavy materials up the building using ladders or scaffolding. Moving building materials by hand is a slow process, and in some cases, it can be difficult or impossible. Using cranes to do the heavy lifting is both a quicker and a safer way of working. Bringing in a portable crane is often the most effective solution since this allows the crane to be quickly placed wherever it is needed on the construction site.

Connecting the load safely

One of the most important jobs on any construction site is managing the crane rigging. A crane is used to pick up heavy loads and move them through the air until they reach the desired location. If the rigging is not done correctly, the load will not be held securely and could slip and injure someone at ground level. If the crane is not operated correctly, the load could swing around and hit a person or a part of the construction. Getting the rigging right must be a priority for every operator. 

Understanding the importance of rigging

Good rigging is about more than checking that the crane load is properly connected. Riggers need to understand the different types of rigging that can be used and know which is appropriate for the load they need to move. Riggers must also be aware of the maximum load each crane can lift safely. They will have a solid grasp of crane operation and know the right angle to safely lift each material so that will reach exactly where it is needed.

If you would like to know more about how cranes and rigging can be used to safely transport heavy loads to heights on your building site, then talk to your local crane hire company. They will be able to advise you on the most appropriate cranes and rigging for your building site. They will know which types of rigging would be most suitable for every type of load you could want to lift.