Top Factors to Consider when Choosing a Rock Crusher

Posted on: 10 March 2020


Stone has been used as a construction material since time immemorial and for good reasons. Not only are most natural stones strong, but they are also readily available. The best part is that natural stone can be crushed to the required size depending on the desired application. For instance, large and flat crushed stones are perfect outdoor construction projects because they cover a large area. On the other hand, small crushed rocks are ideal for driveway construction where finishing is not necessary. That said, the only way to get quality crushed-stones is to invest in the right rock crushing equipment. This article highlights tips for choosing a crusher. 

Feed Material 

The first and arguably most important factor you have to consider when choosing equipment to produce crushed rock is the feed material (rock type) you will be working with. See, different kinds of stones have varying degrees of hardness; hence, the crusher you select must have the required compressive strength to crush the feed material. For instance, concrete requires less compressive strength to crush compared to hardcore rock. Therefore, if you want crushed rock from hardcore, but you use a crusher designed to crush concrete, the chances are high that you will damage the equipment. 


How much crushed rock do you want to produce per hour? This is another essential question to ask yourself when shopping for stone crushing equipment. The reason is that a rock crusher's throughput determines whether your rock crushing operation can go commercial or not. For example, if your objective is to supply crushed rock to contractors in the rapidly growing construction industry, then you need a crusher with a high throughput capacity. However, if you are only going to supply crushed rock to small-scale landscaping contractors, then a crusher with a low throughput will suffice. The bottom line is that you should understand the demand for crushed stone before you buy a rock crusher. 

Rock Size Requirements 

Crushed rock is supplied in varying grades and sizes; therefore, it is essential to know who your clients are before buying crushing equipment. If you do not factor crushed rock size requirements into your purchase decision, the chances are that you will not meet your client's needs. For example, if you are only supplying crushed rock for homebuilders, then sizing requirements might not be much of a concern. However, if you will be supplying to a wide array of contractors, such as homebuilders, landscapers and swimming pool installers, then rock size requirements should rank high when selecting a crusher.

To learn more about crushed rock, reach out to a local supplier.