How to Prepare Before Working With Crane Hire Companies

Posted on: 14 May 2020


Are you preparing for a construction project? Before you begin working, you will likely need cranes to handle a lot of heavy lifting. Cranes are an essential tool for construction projects using heavy materials. But not all construction companies have the budget to purchase and maintain a crane. That is why crane hire services are beneficial. You can get a reliable crane hire firm to offer the crane you need. The article highlights what you need to know before hiring a crane.

Measure the Load Weight

It is critical to measure and weigh the load you will be lifting before you choose a crane. The machine you get should have enough strength and stability to handle the loads. A crane that is smaller than the load will have a hard time moving. That is why you should know the weight of the materials before calling the crane services. These companies can then help you decide the ideal crane to use for your project. 

Get the Height

The height of the lift is also vital in determining what crane you should get. The type of crane you need to install an HVAC unit on the roof of a home is different from the one needed to move things up a ten-storey building. Therefore, analyse all aspects of your construction project to find out the maximum height you will need to reach. The crane hire company will ask you about the height before recommending a crane to rent. 

Rig the Load

The method you will use to attach the crane to the load is also something to consider. You will need to fix clevises or straps to the object so that the crane has a place to lift. That means getting a secure attachment point. The point should also be on the right spot to ensure it balances. Failing to get the correct lifting point may cause a shift in the balance when the crane lifts it. 

Since most loads do not have lifting points, you may need to create them. You can do that using cables and other rigging hardware. If you cannot rig the load, ask the crane hire company for help. They can offer experts to help you.


Understanding the needs of your project will help you get the ideal crane. Working with an experienced and reliable company is critical. These firms will be ready to help you every step of the way and ensure you are set for your project. Sometimes they can also provide expert crane operators to make things easier.

To learn more, contact a crane hire company.