Why Your Trailer Breaking Down Should Not Be The End Of The Line

Posted on: 18 June 2020


Trailers are useful in all sorts of different jobs and hobbies, from tradies hauling vital tools and supplies for their next job to motoring enthusiasts taking their dirt bikes out to the country. Obviously this wide range of uses means that trailers can be put through quite intense situations where they get beat up, scratched and thrown around, all of which contribute to them eventually breaking down. However, a broken trailer is not necessarily a ruined trailer, as there are many options available left to salvage your trailer including searching for trailer parts at various trailer parts stores.

How Do I Find Out What Is Wrong With My Trailer?

The first stop on the journey towards fixing your trailer is actually diagnosing the problem. This might require expert help, and here you have two options: a mechanic or a sales assistant at an auto-parts store. Mechanics will know the ins and outs of your trailer better, which is useful for high-end trailers that have more complicated designs. If your trailer is more simple, then you should have no trouble getting good advice from a sales assistant at an auto-parts store. If you are going to get advice from a sales assistant, make sure to bring plenty of photos of your trailer and especially the area you think is acting up.

Where Do I Find The Right Trailer Parts?

Once you have figured out the problem area, the next step is taking out the rotten parts and getting a new, updated version of them that fits with your trailer. This last point is crucial; some trailer brands only function with trailer parts that come from the same manufacturer; others can accept third party parts, which are cheaper. To find out the part you need, ensure that you take note of the model number of your trailer and also the part that is broken (if it has an individual serial or model number). This will give you a starting point from where you can expand your search from. 

How Far Gone Is Too Far Gone?

You can almost always fix any damaged parts of your trailer with one small caveat. That means axles, hubs, brakes, couplings and even the wheels themselves can be replaced. It is only when you start to get to major body damage such as rust, denting, major holes and so on, that you begin to run into problems. Replacing one panel is simple, but if the problem affects the whole trailer, then you might want to think about scrapping it. Remember, if it is any sort of part that is on the external part of the trailer (including all those listed above) you can almost certainly fix it by replacing old trailer parts with new ones. 

For more tips, reach out to a local company that offers trailer parts for sale.