Three scenarios where it's ideal to hire a posi track

Posted on: 7 August 2020


If you are clearing or landscaping an area or building or extending a property then you will normally need to hire in some mechanical help to get the job completed in a reasonable timeframe. The question many people ask is usually what equipment they should hire. There are lots of excavating or digging machines available and picking the right one for your job isn't always easy. Here are three instances that you should think about arranging a posi track hire for your digging work.

When you need trenches dug

One of the most common reasons for posi track hire is trench digging. The fixed wheelbase of the posi track makes them ideal for linear digging of this sort since they collect up all of the earth and drag it towards the body of the machine. When required, the posi track can rotate up to 200 degrees either right or left allowing them to access almost any space to work, no matter how confined it may be.

When you need farm work completed

While most people will think of getting a post track hire for digging work a posi track hire can be supplied with multiple attachments including tilt rotators, grapples, augers, and breakers making them the ideal choice for a much wider range of industrial or farm work. They can transport bulky objects and their comparatively light weight allows them to move with ease across all flat surfaces.

When you are cost-conscious

If you have been contemplating bringing in an excavator to carry out some work on your land then arranging a posi track hire would be a great cost-effective alternative. While some types of excavators will have greater functionality than a posi track, you are wasting that money unless you can put the additional functionality to good use. Why pay more than you need to get the work done? For most residential, commercial, or industrial purposes booking a posi track hire will be more than sufficient to meet your needs so don't pay for anything more than that.

If you would like to find out more about the advantages of posi track hire compared to excavator hire or any other form of machinery, speak to your local hire centre today. The staff at the centre will be happy to explain the capabilities of each piece of equipment and show you the perfect choice for whatever your project may be.