Do You Need to Find a Float Hire Company?

Posted on: 25 September 2020


When you need to arrange float hire or the hire of any other agricultural or construction equipment, there are some important questions you must be able to answer before you sign the contract with the hiring company. You will need to be certain that they have the right equipment, that they can deliver it to your site at the right time, and that the price you are quoted includes everything that you would expect.

Do they have the right equipment?

Hiring your heavy equipment often makes a lot of sense. Unlike owning your equipment, there are no ongoing storage costs, and any faults are rectified by the hiring company so you don't need to have an entire maintenance department on hand or keep a warehouse full of replacement parts. However, none of that matters if the hiring company doesn't have the heavy machinery that you need. Perhaps initially, you only need float hire but to complete your project you may also need to set up tip truck hire, tractor hire, or low loader hire at different construction stages. It is best if you can arrange hire of all of these items from the same supplier. Keeping your suppliers to a minimum allows you to establish trust and build a good working relationship with the hiring company and avoids the need to run around chasing different companies for every machine.

Will the equipment be available when you need it?

Whether you are planning drainage works, agricultural works or any construction project, you may need your heavy equipment delivered and collected at specific times to avoid delays in the project and ensure that machinery isn't taking up valuable space that is needed for other things. Check that the float hire company will be happy to work with you and fit around your schedule so that your project can proceed uninterrupted.

Is everything included?

When discussing your hiring arrangements with the hiring company, it is worth checking that there aren't going to be any surprises when the bills start coming in. Are costs such as delivery and collection included? Is there a charge for additional fuel usage? Check everything to avoid confusion and make certain that you are happy that your float hire will proceed smoothly. Only once you are satisfied should you sign the paperwork and let the hiring process proceed. If you have any questions or concerns, it is always best to raise them at the earliest opportunity.

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