4 Ways to Save Time and Money When Renting a Crane for Construction Work

Posted on: 9 March 2021


Crane hire is an intricate process that requires careful planning. Failure to prepare for this process can lead to time-consuming and money-wasting mistakes. Thus, before renting a crane, it's paramount to come up with measures to save time and money throughout the process. With this in mind, here are four ways you can save time and money when renting a crane for construction work.

Conduct a site survey

The success of your rigging operations depends on your ability to choose the right equipment for the job. In this case, the right crane should be suited to the prevailing site conditions. But how will you choose the best equipment if you don't have a clear view of your site's state? A mere look at the site won't cut it. You need an in-depth survey outlining the soil's properties, ground hazards and the effects of prevailing weather on the soil conditions.

For example, if you're working during the rainy season, you need to know how well the wet ground can support the equipment. If the soil is weak in some areas, it can cause the equipment to topple over. Similarly, if your site has hard terrain, you can't use a standard mobile crane. Choosing the wrong equipment can lead to costly downtime and time wastage. Thus, conduct a site survey to help you choose the right equipment depending on the prevailing site conditions.

Determine crane specifications

What size crane do you need for your site? What's the maximum weight of the loads you intend to rig? Cranes come in various sizes for different applications. Small, mobile cranes work best for lifting light to medium loads. If you want to lift heavy steel rebar, concrete blocks or construction equipment, you need a crane with a higher lifting capacity. Failure to get one with the right lifting capacity can lead to rigging failure, boom collapse and crane overturning, all of which can lead to accidents and downtime.

Plan for your rigging operations before the crane hire process. Outline the materials or equipment you intend to rig and their approximate weight. Find a crane that matches this weight capacity. Also, consider the required rigging height and the crane boom's height. This way, you can avoid renting equipment whose maximum height doesn't match your job specifications.

Inspect crane for hire

When renting used cranes, it's essential to inspect them for mechanical issues that could cause injuries and hazards or lead to unexpected breakdowns. The Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 require plant owners to keep records of inspection, maintenance, and equipment testing. Thus, before renting a crane, ask for these records as they can help you gauge the condition of the equipment. 

You can also ask an independent crane inspector to inspect the equipment before hiring. They should pay attention to crucial components such as the hydraulic system, braking system, boom components, hoists, wheels and controls. Renting equipment in excellent condition will eliminate site hazards, speed up rigging operations and save you from incurring repair costs.

Identify on-site obstacles

On-site obstacles can frustrate rigging projects. Some slow down work, while others force you to hire different equipment for the job. All these challenges cause project delays, which translates into increased costs. Thus, before renting your crane, identify any existing obstacles on the site. These include:

  • Pits or holes on the ground
  • Ground instability due to poor soil conditions
  • Overhead obstacles such as power lines
  • Other site accessibility challenges

Managing on-site obstacles can eliminate costly downtime and speed up project completion. For example, you can fill holes and pits on the ground to improve stability and increase the efficiency of mobile and crawler cranes. If your site has accessibility issues, you can either address the accessibility issue or choose smaller equipment for the job. Making these arrangements early increases the success of your rigging operations.

With these tips, you can save time and money on your crane rental. Contact a crane rental company for professional assistance.