Excavator Equipment Hire: 4 Key Machine Specs to Consider for Your Project

Posted on: 13 April 2021


Even though excavators are the ultimate machines for high-performance digging and lifting, they're not created equal. When it's time to rent a piece of excavator equipment for an upcoming job, you can be overwhelmed by the choices available to you. 

If you want to find a machine that matches your job requirements, you will have to learn a thing or two about excavator equipment specifications. Here are four important specs you should learn about before hiring an excavator for your next job.

1. Maximum operating weight

This is the weight of the machine itself, including the operator and fuel, and the counterweight used to counterbalance the excavated material. The counterweight is often removed from the excavator to ease transportation but is usually attached to the excavator to prevent it from tipping over when it is being used.

In situations where there's a need to minimise damage to the landscape, the operating weight of an excavator becomes a concern. Generally, a smaller operating weight range may be necessary to avoid damage to the worksite.

2. Maximum digging depth

Different excavators offer various digging capacities. The deeper you need to dig, the more digging power you will need. When choosing an excavator for your job, make sure you pick a machine that can dig as deep as you want.

3. Maximum reach at ground level

Digging applications often require lifting the excavated earth to a different location on-site or loading it onto a dumper truck. How high your excavator can reach should be a top consideration for your equipment rental. In general, make sure you choose a machine that can reach the intended working height.

4. Machine's physical size

Excavators come in different physical sizes and are generally categorised as mini, midi, standard and large excavators. Consider the specific dimensions of your excavator to ensure easy manoeuvrability around your worksite. For instance, mini excavators are ideal for working in tight spaces where larger machines would not work well.

You want to hire an excavator that will match your job requirements and nothing less. If you choose a bigger machine than is needed, you will only end up wasting money. The extra digging and lifting capacity will result in added expenditure on the cost of renting the machine. Plus, you will spend more on fuel and transportation costs. If you need more information regarding excavator equipment selection, be sure to contact a supplier.