Why Your Construction Site Might Dictate What Cranes You Need

Posted on: 13 July 2021


Cranes are an essential component in so many constructions, even those that are very small. The lifting and securing of equipment and materials is, after all, a core element in the construction of all buildings. Cranes have been used for thousands of years, albeit in different forms than the ones used today. Even today there are many variations among cranes, and often the actual construction site dictates what cranes you use. Here are a few different scenarios in which you might choose to use different cranes because of the environment you find yourself building in.

Truck Cranes

On smaller projects, especially inner-city works or those in cramped quarters, maneuverability is the key feature you are looking for. Luckily, there are many cranes that are now mounted on the back of trucks, which makes them excellent for getting into tight spaces. While these don't have the same load capacity as bigger cranes, for the projects they are used on they work just fine. They also allow quick repositioning, so they can move around a lot without having to go through long reconfigurations like you will find on the larger cranes, such as stand-alone tower cranes that dominate many city skylines.

Rough Terrain Cranes

These types of cranes have tires that allow them to traverse harsher terrain than your average mobile crane, while still having a much higher load capacity than truck cranes. These rough terrain cranes are commonly used in event preparation, such as putting up stages and rigging for concerts, but they can also be used for construction. They require expert precision to move them into the right place, and not even they will overcome muddy bogs and extremely poor weather, but if you need something built in a tougher-than-normal environment, this is your crane.

Loader Cranes

A different type of crane than your average sort, this crane is mostly used to load and unload vehicles. It comes in very useful when the material you are unloading is either very heavy or very sensitive. These sorts of cranes are present in a lot of warehouses and factories, but also get used on construction sites during the early phases when everything is still being set up. These loader cranes also come in handy when the site you are working at is awkward to move around in, which makes unloading quite difficult for people, even if the material itself isn't that heavy.