Two advantages of using a mobile crane hire service

Posted on: 9 December 2021


Here are two advantages of using a mobile crane hire service.

It could allow you to lift and move relatively large structures without damaging your property

One of the great things about renting a mobile crane is that this equipment can allow you to lift and move very large structures without putting your property at serious risk of damage. For example, if you have a gazebo that you'd like to move to a new location, hiring a mobile crane could be the best solution to this issue. After carrying out the necessary rigging to secure the gazebo to the crane, you could lift it across several metres of your property without having to circumnavigate any of the obstacles on the ground (such as your shed, your flowerbeds, the water fountain, etc.) that you could potentially strike and break if you and several others physically lifted and carried the gazebo across this land.

Provided the person driving the truck to which the mobile crane is attached goes slowly (so that the gazebo or other structure that's it's carrying doesn't heavily sway) and ensures that the crane arm is lifted high enough off the ground to avoid the obstacles on it, there is almost no chance of the structure being lifted crashing into anything. As such, the fee you would incur by renting a mobile crane might save you the much greater expenses that would come with replacing several other broken exterior features of your property.

You can move large items without needing the assistance of a crew of people

The other huge advantage of renting a mobile crane is that it means you can transport large items from one place to another by yourself. For example, if you have some structural steel that you need to move, you don't have to ask several friends to help you with this.

This means that if you're doing a project in a remote area where there aren't any people who could assist you, or if you simply need to get a lifting job done quickly. and don't want to have to work around your friends' schedules and wait a few days to get it finished, you could do this by using this rental service. Furthermore, because mobile cranes that are mounted on trucks are easier to handle than full-sized cranes, you can even manage without having a person on the ground, guiding you during the lifting and lowering of the crane arm (which is usually needed when a person is using a standard crane).

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