• Interior Storage Tips for Newbie Semi-Trailer Drivers

    When you are in a heavy-duty driver training school, you learn a lot about how to operate semi-trailers safely. However, there is very little information on how to organise storage in semi-trucks properly. This is especially surprising because semi-trailer drivers bring a lot of stuff they will need while on the road. However, the poor organisation makes it challenging to fit most items in the truck's available space. This article highlights creative semi-trailer organisational tips for beginning truck drivers.
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  • The Crane That's Right for You

    The going rate for commercial crane hire has never been more affordable. In today's construction industry, there are multiple equipment rental companies to choose from, which makes it necessary for each company to make their services more affordable. Apart from asking how much it costs to rent the crane for the desired time span, there are a few other things you could ask to create a clearer impression of the type of rental agency you are considering for the job.
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